Company history

Established in 1995, Holy Rubber prides itself as a leading manufacturer of high quality rubber products and compounds to cater for the automotive and non-automotive industries.

To ensure the quality of our rubber products, Holy Rubber is constantly evolving by having dedicated research and development testing into the materials used for our rubber compounds. Improving on our processes each time, our customers are reassured that our products are superior grade and cost effective.

As a leading ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer, we adopt high standards & are committed to provide excellent quality control as well as environmental safeguard to our customers both locally and internationally.

Our range of rubber products are not only limited to the automotive industry. We provide our services to a large number of businesses such as in construction, manufacturing and assembly, maritime, food and transportation. Clip mats, anti-skid mats, door mats, vibration pads, sound absorption pats, bearing mats & car mats are only a small example of our products.

Holy Rubber is also capable to provide specialized and customized rubber products to suit our customers requirements and applications.